Conference: A Syrian Refugee in Japan

Demonstration: Accept Refugees, Japan Too!, 11 Oct. (日本も難民を受け入れよう! デモ)


Conference: A Syrian Refugee in Japan (シリア難民に話を聞く会)

4 Oct. 2015, Open 13:30, Start 14:00

Speech by: Syrian Refugee M, Uraki Tomoko (member of the Defense Counsel of Syrian Refugees)

Venue: Saginomiya Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 2 (large)
Nakano-ku Saginomiya 3-22-5, Tokyo, TEL: 03-3330-4111

How to Reach: 1 Minute Walk from the North Exit of Saginomiya Sta.,
1 stop via Seibu Shinjuku Line (Rapid) from JR Takada-no-baba Sta.

Charge: 500 Yen (for handouts)

Contact to: SYI (Shuyosha Yujin Yushi Ichido: Immigration Detainee's Friends)

Thousands of refugees come from the Middle East to Europe.
It is said that the extent of this "refugee crisis" is the worst ever since the WWII.
The whole international society must make effort to help them.

Also in Japan it is begun to discuss whether Japan should welcome these refugees.
However, we must know that not a few refugees has already arrived at Japan.
The Japanese government nonetheless refuses to recognize most of them as refugees.
This means that the government, althougth it concludes the refugee treaty, ignores its duty.

In March four Syrian refugees appealed to the court in order to make recognize their refugee status.
Why do they have no other ways? This is not their problem but our country's.
Come and listen to Mr. M, one of the four, and the laywer Ms. Uraki, and discuss what we should do.

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