Call for Organizing Members of Multinational Cultural Fes 2014

Posted on: 2014年 03月 05日

Call for Organizing Members of Multinational Cultural Fes 2014 (tentatively named)


1st Organizing Meeting: 18:30, 21 March 2014
Room B, 3rd Floor, Smile Nakano Bldg. (
5 minute walk from the North Exit of Nakano Station, Tokyo

Every year, around 20 June, the World Refugee Day, we hold a conference in Tokyo concerning refugees and immigrants in Japan. This year we are planning tentatively named Multinational Cultural Fes 2014 composed of discussions, exhibitions, food booths, musical or dance performances, and so on. In order to realize this plan, we call for organizing members.

The leadership in Japanese politics and economy argues these years over a measure to invite more immigrant workers in compensation for the domestic population expected to decrease. On the other hand, some insist to reduce the number of foreigners staying in Japan. These two positions, however, never make the opposite extremes because they both suppose that they can introduce or deport foreigners only by reason of national interest. They never consider the immigrants or asylum seekers already living in Japanese society, whose basic human rights are ignored or abused in the name of law. Can we call such a society open, international or democratic?

Our planned Fes will be one of the attempts to search for a way other than immigration politics or xenophobia, a truly egalitarian and democratic way of cultural coexistence. Why don't you join us? We need your support.

SYI (Shuyosha Yujin Yushi Ichido: Immigration Detainee's Friends)

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