What is SYI ?

Posted on: 2010年 07月 21日

In Japanese / In Japanese (Hiragana)

We, SYI (Shuyosha Yujin-yushi Ichido: Immigration Detainee's Friends), are a collective protesting to non-humanitarian treatment to immigrants by Tokyo Immigration Office and the total migration-control systems of Japan.

We intend:

1. To encourage the Detainees. Arbitrary and long-term detention seriously spoils the Detainees and harms their health. So it’s very important continuously to send a message that they are not alone.

2. To warn the Officers that we are watching how terrible their treatment of the Detainees is.

3. To inform the Public the anti-humanity of the Japanese migration-control systems.

SYI’s Claim to Ministry of Justice and Immigration Office of Japan

1. We ask the Immigration Bureau and the Ministry of Justice of Japan to fully review and reconsider the current practices and standards on acknowledging asylum seekers, and to strictly reflect the Refugee Convention in the examining procedures.

2. (To the Immigration Bureau) Abolish the practice to make detainees call officers "Sensei" (Teacher, Master). In doing so, make every officer on duty to be required to wear a nametag.

3. (To the Immigration Bureau) Guarantee decent health of detainees. In doing so, first, increase the number of doctors in accordance with the maximum number of prospective detainees in each detention facility. Second, in order to prevent collusions between officers and doctors, leave detainees' medical care only to independent medical organizations. Finally, release the detainees who do not recover their health conditions for a certain period (e.g., for a week).

4. (To the Immigration Bureau) Fundamentally change the whole circumstance and housing condition of every detention facility in terms of guaranteeing detainees' human rights (those who have ever been detained say that it is worse than prisons). In doing so, make it be acceptable for citizens to visit, coverage and survey into the detention facilities.

5. (To the Japanese Government) Amend the Immigration Law to prohibit the Immigration Bureau to use any physical force at its own decision. The current Japanese legal system itself is the problem since it authorises the Immigration Bureau not only to "check" the movement of people crossing the border, but also to use forcible measures such as detention and deportation.

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