GIVE BACK Our Family/Friends! Demonstration against Immigration Bureau

Posted on: 2010年 05月 25日

GIVE BACK Our Family/Friends! Stop Human Rights Abuses!
Demonstration against Immigration Bureau of Japan, 20 June


June 20, 2010
14:00 Gathering at Keyaki Street, Yoyogi Park (in front of NHK Hall), 10 Minute Walk from Harajuku St.
15:00 Starting Demonstration

World Refugee Day, 20 June, is dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees. There are said to be over 10 million refugees around the world.

Of course Japanese also have to do with Refugee problem since Japan signed Refugee Convention in 1981. However, Japan Ministry of Justice rejects almost all of refugee applications. And Immigration Office of Japan is horrible, heartless, and authoritarian. Officers treat refugee seekers and immigrant workers with NO regard to their human rights. Immigration Office arbitrarily take and detain anyone, even if he/she is a refugee seeker. If one is detained, he/she will be imprisoned in a small and dirty room for a very long time (there is no detention time limit!). This seriously harms detainees’ physical and mental health. Sometimes detainees even commits suicide or is killed by officers. Immigration Office of Japan does everything to keep worse the status and condition of refugee seekers and immigrant workers. But needless to say, refugees have no place to return. Even if it isn’t the case of refugees, such non-humanitarian detention system itself is a very serious problem.

Detainees’ family and friends shout to Immigration Office: GIVE BACK Our Family/Friends! Japanese must know more about what happens every day in Immigration Office, and say no to such administration of immigration in Japan. We, SYI, welcome anyone who protests against Immigration Office.

SYI’s Claim to Ministry of Justice and Immigration Office of Japan

* To totally check and reconsider the current way to officially acknowledge the detainees in terms of the Refugee Convention.

* To immediately release all sick or injured detainees or to offer to them proper medical care. "Proper medical care" is NOT that by the doctors belonging to the Immigration Office.

* To increase the number of doctors belonging to the Immigration Office and to periodically replace them in order to avoid a cozy relationship between officers and doctors.

* To make every officer wear a name tag.

* To offer overstaying immigrants the proper legal status to live in Japan

SYI (Syuyosha Yujin-yushi Ichido: Immigration Detainee's Friends)

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